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The Pet Family Shop

The Pet Family Shop

Qian Hu The Pet Family (M) Sdn Bhd is the nation's leading retailer of premium pet food, supplies and services. Established in 2004, the company currently operates 3 pet megastores under the name of "The Pet Family" across Malaysia.

The Pet Family megastores are dedicated to pet lovers of all kinds under one roof. With a comprehensive range of pet-related products and store range from 6,000 to 10,000 square feet, the megastores promise ultimate shopping experience for pet lovers with spacious environment, widest choice of products and excellent services.

The Pet Family carries more than 50 brands, covering over 10,000 pet-related products including pet foods, medications and accessories under international brands. On top of that, the company also offering complete selection of pet supplies under different sections in-store, namely Fish & Marine Life , Arowana, Small Animals, Reptiles & Exotic Animals, Dogs and Cats.

The Pet Family merchandise assortment is complemented by a wide selection of services, including grooming, obedience training and veterinary consultation. Our team of pet care consultants and certified grooming experts are always ready to provide customers the highest-quality services and professional consultancy.

To ensure customers' satisfaction, the megastore has enhanced its strength by providing value-added services such as aquarium tank basic set up, pets grooming pick up service, home delivery, as well as organizing pet events from pet shows to seminars.

Details visit http://www.thepetfamily.com/index.htm

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Malaysia Cat......Do you think it's cute?

Malaysia Cat......Do you think it's cute?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 10:55 AM

How To Toilet Train A Cat

How To Toilet Train A Cat

There are many cat owners out there who would love to find a way to eliminate the need for stinky cat litter. This can be doubly true for those who own an un-neutered male cat. Male cats which are used for breeding have more powerful smelling urine so as to mark their territory. If you can toilet train a cat, especially your breeding tom, you will not have to deal with overpowering smells of cat urine in your home.

It would be even worse to have a breeding male cat do his business outside. The yard would start to stink with his territorial marks. In fact, tom cat can decimate your shrubs and garden plants with his excessive marking. Any female cats will also be affected by your male. So you'll most likely wish to keep him indoors so he does not fill the neighborhood with litters of unwanted kittens.

It's actually quite easy to toilet train a cat, even an older tom, if you're willing to exercise patience. The older the car is the longer the training will take. It's not a huge effort either way, but a younger cat will take to the habit more quickly. You begin by moving your cat's litter box to the bathroom. If your house has two bathrooms it would be a good idea to use one exclusively to toilet train the cat, you and anyone else living in the home should use the other.

The cat will quickly become accustomed to going to the bathroom in order to use the litter. You could even opt to put the littler box as close to the toilet as you can. Once your cat has become used to going to the bathroom for his litter, elevate the littler box on a small yet sturdy stool. This will help your cat become accustomed to jumping up to do his business. The final step would be to substitute the toilet for the litter box, which enough patience your cat will become used to it.

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How Many Types Of Cats Are There ?

How Many Types Of Cats Are There?

Currently, there are about 32 recognized breeds of cats in the world. But some said it could be more.....

visit http://tica.org/public/breeds.php for more details

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